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Improv4Lawyers is a legal education and consulting firm that provides Florida Bar approved Continuing Legal Education programs. We are dedicated to providing lawyers with fun, interactive courses designed to facilitate effective communications skills, using the principles of applied improv. Applied improv is an old concept that utilizes the methodology of thinking-on-your-feet and applies it to every day life, increasing an individual’s potential to be a more effective and dynamic communicator. Numerous articles on the benefits of studying improv identify the ability to improve verbal communication response time and to do so more impactfully. Improv can improve workplace morale and relieve stress and anxiety. Performing improv can even burn calories (okay, we made that one up, but it is probably true since you move around while performing).

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Improv4Lawyers offers a comprehensive four week Trial Skills program designed to help participants learn to react, respond, and refocus any audience. Classes are two hours, one evening a week for four weeks. The program has been approved by the Florida Bar for 8 hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit in the areas of general credit, civil trial and criminal trial certification.

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Trial Skills

1st Week

React, Respond, and Refocus

2nd Week

Finding your voice

3rd Week


4th Week


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Jennifer believes that a good lawyer can tell you the law, but a great lawyer can tell you the story.